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Custom Reports

Velocity's New Report feature lets you create charts of almost any Asana data.

To use it, click on Reports > New Report. Then change Y-axis, X-axis, Group by, and Filters to customize your chart.

Chart Controls

Y-axis controls what the chart is counting on the y-axis. For example, if you want the chart to count the number of tasks, choose "Tasks".

X-axis controls what is shown on the x-axis. For example, if you choose Assignees, then Assignees will be on the x-axis.

Group By lets you group by another type of information besides the x-axis grouping. For example, if you choose Week completed for the x-axis value and Assignees for the Group By, then the chart will show tasks completed by week, grouped by assignee.

Filters let you only include certain items in your chart. For example, if you only want to include tasks that are in a project named "Design", click the + to add a filter, then choose Projects and Design.

Run Query & Save

You can combine different values of the chart controls to create charts about just about any kind of Asana data. Once you chosen your values, click Run Query to show your chart.

Once you've finished setting up your chart, you can save it as a report to your dashboard by giving it a name and clicking Save To My Reports.


If you're trying to create a specific chart and can't see how to do it, contact us, and we'll help you create it!