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Identify high-level trends and fluctuations

  • Get a visual representation of how many tasks a project or assignee has completed over time.
  • Deliver projects on time, every time, by seeing your team's weekly velocity.
  • Estimate future velocity using historical data for any project, section, tag, or assignee.


Set up a space that works for you

  • Mix and match your own reports to create your perfect dashboard.
  • Use our prebuilt reports for instant insights.


Chart builder

Make a chart of exactly what you want

  • Create charts using any of your Asana data: assignees, projects, sections, tags, teams, completion dates, due dates, and more.

Custom fields

Tailor your reports with your most important fields

  • Create a report using your Asana custom fields.
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Shared reports

Make your findings accessible to everyone

  • Shareable links allow you to share live data with anyone inside or outside the company.


Keep your team members in the loop

  • Automatically send weekly updates to anyone with or without a Velocity account.

Exportable data

Take your data with you

  • Export your reports to CSV, Excel, or PDF.
  • Include your reports on other platforms with embedded code.