Collect all of your most important reports in customizable dashboards.

  • Create as many dashboards as you need
  • Easily edit, view, and delete reports from a dashboard
  • Share dashboards with your team

Chart Builder

Slice your data any way you want using a powerful chart builder.

  • Custom filtering and grouping, similar to BI tools
  • Filter by assignee, project, section, tag, team, completed date, due date, custom fields, and more
  • Group by multiple dimensions at once
  • Thousands of possible combinations

Preset Reports

Choose from dozens of important metrics we've collected for you.

  • Each prebuilt report has its own powerful filters
  • Weekly counts of completed tasks by assignee, project, section, tag, team, etc
  • Average completion times of tasks by assignee, project, etc
  • Average overdue times of tasks by assignee, project, etc

Custom Fields

Create powerful reports using Asana's custom fields

  • Combine as many custom fields as you need in customizable configurations
  • Use your custom fields as any aspect of a report: the y-axis, x-axis, group bys, or filters
  • Chart the sum, average, minimum, or maximum of numeric custom fields over any dimension


Export your reports to CSV, Excel, or image Take full control over your Asana data Embed your reports in presentations and slideshows Share your reports with colleagues

Email Notifications

Automatically send periodic email notifications showing reports to anyone

Time Tracking

Combine Asana's custom fields feature with Velocity's powerful reporting to create customizable time tracking reports


Share your reports with anyone using a secure URL or embed them in any other website

Data Links

Data Links let you create live CSVs of your Asana tasks that can be used for real-time, customizable reporting in Google Sheets, Power BI, custom scripts, or other applications.

Chrome Extension

Use prebuilt charts and custom reports inside of Asana!

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