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Collect all of your most important reports in customizable dashboards

  • Create as many dashboards as you need
  • Easily edit, view, and delete reports from a dashboard

Chart builder

Slice your data in any way that you want using a powerful chart builder

  • Custom filtering and grouping, similar to BI tools
  • Filter by assignee, project, section, tag, team, completed date, due date, custom fields, and more
  • Group by multiple dimensions at once
  • Thousands of possible combinations

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Prebuilt reports

View important metrics using dozens of prebuilt reports

  • Each prebuilt report has its own powerful filters
  • Weekly counts of completed tasks by assignee, project, section, tag, team, etc
  • Average completion times of tasks by assignee, project, etc
  • Average overdue times of tasks by assignee, project, etc


Important metrics, overdue tasks, velocity estimations, and potential areas for improvement

  • Weekly velocity
  • Tasks that have taken too long to complete
  • Most common words occurring in task names
  • Words that occur most frequently in task names
  • Assignees and projects with the most open tasks

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Custom fields

Create powerful reports using Asana's custom fields

  • Combine as many custom fields as you need in customizable configurations
  • Use your custom fields as any aspect of a report: the y-axis, x-axis, group bys, or filters
  • Chart the sum, average, minimum, or maximum of numeric custom fields over any dimension


Export your reports to CSV, Excel, or image

  • Take full control over your Asana data
  • Embed your reports in presentations and slideshows
  • Share your reports with colleagues

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Email notifications

Automatically send periodic email notifications showing reports to anyone

Time Tracking

Combine Asana's custom fields feature with Velocity's powerful reporting to create customizable time tracking reports

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Estimate future velocity using historical velocity for any project, section, tag, or assignee


Share your reports with anyone using a secure URL or embed them in any other website

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