Improve your team's productivity

Use reports and analytics to understand your Asana data and help your team move faster

Create easy, powerful Asana reports to understand where your team spends time, improve velocity, find opportunities for improvement, and make accurate estimates.

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View analytics about tasks by project, tag, assignee, time period, and more

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See important insights and potential areas for improvement

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Estimate future performance using historical performance

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Customize over 30 prebuilt reports or create your own with the chart builder

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Organize all of your most important reports in dashboards

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Share a project's progress with team members, export to CSV, or embed

Velocity shows you how work is being done at your company. Over 400 companies have used Velocity to fix inefficiencies in their team's work, saving them anywhere from $160 to $7,000 each month.

The New Yorker
Discovery Networks
Red Bull



Collect all of your most important reports in customizable dashboards

  • Per-user and per-workspace dashboards
  • Easily edit, view, and delete reports from a dashboard

Chart builder

Slice your data in any way that you want using a powerful chart builder

  • Ad hoc filtering and grouping, similar to BI tools
  • Filter by assignee, project, section, tag, team, completed date, due date, and many more
  • Group by multiple dimensions at once
  • Thousands of possible combinations

Prebuilt reports

View important metrics using dozens of prebuilt reports

  • Each prebuilt report has its own powerful filters
  • Weekly counts of completed tasks by assignee, project, section, tag, team, etc
  • Average completion times of tasks by assignee, project, etc
  • Average overdue times of tasks by assignee, project, etc


Important metrics, overdue tasks, velocity estimations, and potential areas for improvement

  • Weekly velocity
  • Tasks that have taken too long to complete
  • Most common words occurring in task names
  • Words that occur most frequently in task names
  • Assignees and projects with the most open tasks


Estimate future velocity using historical counts of weekly completed tasks for any project, section, tag, or assignee

Completed tasks report

List the weekly completed tasks for any project, section, tag, or assignee

Common terms report

See the most common terms in the task names of a project to discover what your team is spending time on

Shared reports

Share dynamic reports with anyone by generating private links for them

CSV export

Export any report as a CSV to have complete control over the information

Custom fields

Create reports about your custom fields: filter or group by them or chart their values per assignee, project, section, team, date, and more

If you don't measure your team's velocity, how can you improve it?

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