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Completion Times

If you want to create a report that shows the average times in which tasks were completed, you can create a new report and choose Y-axis: Completion times.

A task's completion time the duration between either the task's start date or (if a start date isn't set) the task's creation date, and the date when the task was completed. If a task is marked as complete multiple times, the last completion date will be used.

If you want to only include tasks with a start date (and exclude tasks that don't have a start date set), you can add the Has a start date filter.

After setting Y-axis: Completion times, you can use any other X-axis, Group by, and Filter settings. For example, if you'd like to see the average completion times per assignee during the last month, you can use X-axis: Assignees and add a Completed > Within > Last 1 month filter.