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Sharing Reports

If you'd like to share reports with other people inside or outside of your organization, you can do so using either Private Sharing, Embedding, Email Notifications, or Exporting.

To use these, go to any report and then click on Settings > Weekly Emails & Sharing. Once you're finished changing the sharing settings, click Save on the report.

Private Sharing

When you enable private sharing, you'll see a Share link for the report. This link can be given to anyone, and they will have view-only access to the live report, similar to how sharing in Google Docs works.


When you enable private sharing, you'll see an Embed code. This is a small amount of HTML that can be copied and pasted into another webpage to embed the report in that webpage. The report will automatically be resized to fit, and it will be view-only.

Email Notifications

You can share reports by emailing them periodically to any email addresses. For details, see Email Notifications.


You can share reports and dashboards by exporting them to CSVs or Excel files. For details, see Exporting Reports.

Presentation Mode

To present a dashboard on a screen, browse to the dashboard, click the Share icon, then click on Presentation Mode. This will show the dashboard in a format that's suitable for presentation on a screen. The reports in the dashboard will be refreshed automatically periodically.