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Custom Fields

Asana lets you create Custom Fields to add custom information to tasks. For example, you can add estimates (e.g. the number of hours that a task might take), the priority of the task (e.g. "High", "Medium", "Low"), or any other values that you want. See Asana's documentation for information on how to use Custom Fields in Asana.

You can use Custom Fields in the following places in Velocity:

Presets > Custom Fields

To see prebuilt charts about your Custom Fields, navigate to Presets > Custom Fields.

Customized Charts

When you create a customized chart, you can use Custom Fields as the Y-axis, X-axis, Group By, and/or Filters of the report.

  • Y-axis - Custom Fields that are Numbers can be charted on the Y-axis as aggregations (e.g Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum).
  • X-axis - Any Custom Field can be used for the X-axis.
  • Group By - Any Custom Field can be used for the Group By.
  • Filters - Any Custom Field can be used to filter the report.

Data Links

If you need even more flexibility than customized charts can provide, you can create a Data Link, which allows you to read each task's custom field values in other applications (e.g. Google Sheets, Power BI) and create heavily customized reporting on those custom fields in that external application.